Naturally cooling, moisture-wicking sleep tee in plum by CoolRevolution
Women's sleep T-shirt by CoolRevolution in mint made of cooling bamboo
Cooling sleep T-shirt
Navy, v-neck women's sleep T-shirt shown with striped shorts, made in the U.S. for women with night sweats
The top selling sleep tee is now available in pink. Made of naturally cooling rayon from bamboo to help hot sleepers get a better night's rest.
Mauve v-neck sleep tee made in US of bamboo my CoolRevolution
Women's sleep T-shirt shown in twilight blue made of soft, sustainable, natural bamboo to help with night sweats
Sleep tees are designed with a custom fit and are longer in the back. Made in the U.S. of naturally cooling, moisture-wicking bamboo.
Hot women sleep cooler in these super soft, moisture-wicking, naturally cooling PJ T-shirt and matching capris with pockets. They are made of a special blend of fabric including rayon from bamboo.
Hot flash sleep tee, which wicks sweat and is naturally cooling. Shown in black.
Fashionable PJs made perfect loungewear. Women's sleep tee shown in gray. Moisture-wicking, quick drying and cooling.
Softest PJ sleet T-shirt ever made of rayon from bamboo to keep hot sleepers cool. Made in the U.S.
Naturally cooling tee shown in blush made in the US for women with night sweats

Cooling sleep T-shirt

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Sleep T-shirt

Go ahead, wear your PJs to the grocery, to work, to GNO…They’ll never know. That’s because we designed this “must-have” T-shirt for more than just sleeping. It’s fitted through the shoulders and bust, so you get a custom look, yet it’s roomier around the middle and hips and longer in the back to keep you covered. The stretchy natural blend of fabric is giving and forgiving. You'll love how it feels soft and silky against your skin. Of course, it’s cooling. After all, that’s the whole point of CoolRevolution. Pajamas for women with night sweats. For the best fit, PJs are sold separately not as sets. See why so many women love CoolRevolution.


  • Flattering V-neck
  • Longer in back than front
  • Stylish design you can wear with confidence day and night
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric
  • Naturally temperature-regulating fabric keeps you cool when you get hot and warm when you get cold
  • Machine wash cold; hang to dry, avoid fabric softeners
  • Made in the USA
  • 66% rayon from bamboo, 28% cotton, 6% spandex

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