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"Created by two women, Laura Musall and Mindy Ford, who both battled hormonal night sweats, this clever collection of sleepwear is breathable and sweat-absorbent. Made from a blend of bamboo, which naturally regulates your temperature, is antibacterial and moisture-wicking, choose from nightshirts, tops, shorts and pyjamas."

Fox59 News in Indianapolis talks about pajama entrepreneur Laura Musall about night sweats, menopause and winning 2 Minute Drill with David Meltzer

"I'm an expert in sweat," says CoolRevolution Co-founder Laura Musall during an interview on a morning news show. 

Watch the interview with co-creator of CoolRevolution, the company that's working to help make hot women cool. 

Indianapolis Business Journal

Fishers-based pajama company wins $50,000 prize on new Bloomberg TV competition

CoolRevolution wins business pitch show 2 Minute Drill by David Meltzer on Bloomberg TV and Amazon Prime

'I love you and I love your presentation. I loved everything about it,' says Rory Cutaia, CEO of Verb Technologies

Co-founder of CoolRevolution was featured on a new TV show (think Shark Tank) hosted by David Meltzer, an entrepreneur, best-selling author and business owner. CoolRevolution pitched how its pajamas are helping hot women stay cool through its unique bamboo fabric. The show premiered on Bloomberg TV and is being shown on Amazon Prime. You can see it here

Reader's Digest gift guide recommends cool PJs for Christmas

'Flattering, soft, silky,' a Reader's Digest reporter says of CoolRevolution PJs

Reader's Digest writer Lois Alter Mark asked to try CoolRevolution PJs, and she'd like them so much, she included them in the magazine's holiday gift guide. Here's what she had to say: 

"Sure, she’s cool—but not when she’s lying awake, experiencing hot flashes. This flattering v-neck is soft, silky and stretchy, and can be worn with matching pajama pants to keep her comfortable all night. It’s so good-looking, though, she can also wear it outside with jeans or a skirt." 

You can see the gift guide here. 


CoolRevolution PJs featured on David Meltzer podcast to talk about how night sweats led to business venture for two 50-something women

Office Hours with David Meltzer features CoolRevolution to talk about the business of making PJs for women with night sweats

The podcast, Office Hours, hosted by author and entrepreneur David Meltzer asked CoolRevolution to talk about how the PJ company for women with night sweats got started. 

"It began with a whole lot of sweat," said co-creator Laura Musall, who talked about how she and long-time friend Mindy Ford decided to stop complaining about night sweats and hot flashes and do something about it. 

You can hear the entire interview here. 


Forbes features pajamas for hot sleepers, reviews CoolRevolution

"Finally, Pajamas For Warm Bodies"

Judy Koutsky, Forbes writer tries CoolRevolution PJsJudy Koutsky, Contributor, Travel - "I cover all types of travel--from family and adventure, to romance and emerging destinations."

Here's what she had to say after trying CoolRevolution PJs:



Pajamas That Look Like Clothes

CoolRevolution PJs come in shorts, pants, T-shirt and tank and are made from a blend of fabric, including bamboo, which is naturally cooling, wicks moisture, dries quickly and is naturally anti-bacterial. They also added a little cotton to keep the shape. Both the shorts and pants have pockets and the roomy fit is great not only for sleeping, but for lounging around the house. When the coronavirus pandemic began, people wanted to be comfortable, yet presentable on video chats. The CoolRevolution PJs are just that—they have the look of normal clothes, but the feel and comfort of pajamas. Read the full article. 



Woman's World story about pajamas for night sweats




"2 Friends Created This Amazing Line of Night-Sweat Fighting Pajamas. Necessity truly is the mother of invention!" - Women's World editorial 


New York Magazine

Here's what a columnist had to say after testing CoolRevolution PJs:

CoolRevolution makes its pajamas from quick-drying bamboo rayon (mixed with cotton and spandex) that wicks away moisture. My favorite part of the set was the V-neck top that could legitimately be worn outside the house as a regular T-shirt, thanks to a shirttail hem and how the shirt dips lower on the back for more coverage. I’d like to try it out on a hot summer day to see how it compares to a regular cotton t-shirt. Although they’re fine for lounging, the shorts didn’t excite me. With a 7-inch inseam, they’re quite long and are best if you’re looking for a more conservative cut. The big pockets were nice, though, and they felt soft and stretchy. CoolRevolution is open about designing pieces for “aging bodies” and women going through menopause, which explains the shorts, but if you like the pieces and are looking for something that’ll keep you cool, they could work for any age group. CoolRevolution also offers the widest range of sizes, with pajamas that go up to 3XL.

 Yes, hot flashes are awful. These Hoosier women designed pajamas that can help.

PJ co-founders Mindy Ford and Laura Musall

The hot flashes, to say the least, were unpleasant. A head-to-toe burning sensation. Body aches. Sweating at any given time. All compounded by the inability to get a full night's sleep.

"You're just soaking wet. I'd be getting up in the middle of the night, changing my clothes and my bed sheets, too," Mindy Ford said. "And then I'd try to fall back asleep hoping I would not get another hot flash." Read the story. See the video
CoolRevolution in the Chicago Sun-Times
By 2025, there will be more than one billion women experiencing menopause in the world, and as the stigma decreases, experts say there is room for growth in the market of menopause management. Read the full story from the Chicago Sun-Times.
USA Today

Hot flashes are awful, so these empty-nester moms designed pajamas to help

Literally through sweat and hard work CoolRevolution pajamas was born, and its arrival appears timely. Experts say the longtime stigma surrounding menopause and aging is starting to fade, and women are seeking ways to be more comfortable rather than relying on medication, which can add side effects to their woes. Read the story. 


Fox59: CoolRevolution to celebrate World Menopause Day 

CoolRevolution on Fox59 news

The Indianapolis news station, Fox59 featured CoolRevolution on Oct. 12 to talk about PJs and world Menopause Day. See the story.

Join CoolRevolution from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday at Books & Brews to celebrate women, help low-income women and get answers to your burning questions about perimenopause and menopause. Learn more. 


Indianapolis Monthly magazine features CoolRevolution PJs

Indianapolis Monthly magazine features CoolRevolution pajamas

Inside Indiana Business

Fishers Startup Creates Pajamas for Menopausal Women 

Inside Indiana Business interviews CoolRevolution about PJs for night sweats

 A pair of entrepreneurs from Fishers has launched a sleepwear company targeting women going through menopause. CoolRevolution PJs was founded in March 2018 by Laura Musall and Mindy Ford after Musall had difficulty dealing with night sweats and the inability to find pajamas to help. The result is a collection of cooling pajamas made with naturally cooling fabric. In an interview with Business of Health Reporter Kylie Veleta, Ford said the decision to use a blend of fabric including rayon from bamboo came from conversations with many people. (See the whole story and watch the video.)


Women Develop Cooling Pajamas to Help Women with Night Sweats 

IndyStyle TV interviews CoolRevolution about PJs for night sweats

Laura and Mindy consulted with medical experts and textile experts and came across a fabric that had all the qualities they were looking for, plus more. It's a natural fiber that keeps you cool when you get hot, and warm when you get cold. It's breathable, absorbs moisture, dries quickly and is antibacterial. Plus, it's buttery soft against your skin. (Watch the video.)

Current Publishing

Current Publishing: Women Launch Sleepwear Business

Current newspaper features CoolRevolution pajamas designed in Fishers, Indiana

After Laura Musall’s first experience dealing with night sweats from menopause, she was so frustrated with the lack of cooling sleepwear options for women that she decided to create her own. Musall along with her long-time friend Mindy Ford recently co-founded a business designing, making and selling sleepwear for women suffering from symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. (Read the story.)


Fox59 News

Fox59 News: Stigma Surrounding Hot Flashes

CoolRevolution interview with Fox59

Hot flashes are something a majority of women will experience in their lives, but they often aren’t openly discussed. Laura Musall is one of the 75 percent of women who experience hot flashes. “All of a sudden I am sweating and, so it just, when I have hot flashes it is hard to explain, but they start in my upper body and the heat is inside and it just travels up and it just seems to grow in intensity,” Musall said. IUPUI researcher and professor Janet S. Carpenter found a way to measure them using thermal imaging. (See the story.)


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