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Six lessons I learned from Mom

It took me until about age 24 to not roll my eyes when Mom offered unsolicited advice or an opinion. As the oldest and only girl in my family (I have three younger brothers), I believed the world centered around me. And it didn’t help that my late dad let me believe it, too.  Despite my eye rolling and self-centered teen years (OK, into my 20s), Mom has always been there giving me advice and subtle hints. She continues to be there. In honor of Mother’s Day. Here are six of many things I’ve learned from her along the way. 1. Live life with a servant heart. I watched my mom work 11-hour days at the family day care center while...

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Celebrate Earth Day by hugging your bamboo pajamas

What does Earth Day have to do with pajamas? A lot, actually. We like to think of the fabric we discovered for our moisture-wicking pajamas as a win-win. A win for those us going through perimenopause and menopause, and a win for the environment. You see, we spent countless hours researching touching, testing and comparing fabrics for CoolRevolution sleepwear. We need a fabric that could be all things for those of us going through the change: it needed to feel cool, dry quickly, wick away moisture and not stink after a night of sweating. We also needed it to be soft, comfy and look good. We also wanted our fabric to be sustainable and have the least impact on the...

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All in the (Italian) Family

When I told my family that Laura and I were starting a pajamas business for hot flashes and night sweats they were as cordial as they could be on the outside; while scratching their heads on the inside. You see I’m a fashion-challenged, risk-averse, non-seamstress, marketing type. I get my lack of seamstress skills honestly. Unlike Laura’s mom who handmade her clothes, my mom’s idea of hemming my pants was to “roll them up.” And for special occasions she’d reluctantly use that hemming tape, Stitch Witchery, and an iron. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When my daughter needed her Girl Scout patches sewn on her Brownie vest, my husband had to do it. Textiles, however, really are...

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