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Life became complete after Indiana woman finds her birth mom

Erin Slater spent years wondering about and searching for her birth mom. The Fishers, Ind. woman was adopted as a baby, but when she was just 5, her mother died in a car crash. Her dad died when she was 16, leaving a huge void in her life. Two years ago, the Indiana life coach was connected to her birth mom thanks to and a relative working on genealogy. "I always hoped and prayed, and in the back of my mind, I knew I'd see her again," said Laura Hernandez of Lathrop, Mo., who gave the baby up for adoption when she was 17. She'd become pregnant after being raped.   

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The day Sherri Strayer went on QVC

Last summer we asked Sherri Strayer if she’d model PJs for a segment on a local TV program. She didn’t hesitate. “I’ve been on QVC.” What? Who goes on QVC, and why? We wanted to know the story. “It was so much stinking fun. It was something I’d never done before, most likely never do again,” she said. Here’s the thing you need to know about Sherri, she loves to work out. She got hooked on weightlifting while she was a pharmacy student at Purdue University. After college she joined a local gym, where she was surrounded by meatheads, who chewed on dog bones. No, really, they did.

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