We’re gaga over purple pajamas

We think you’ll be head-over-heels for our new plum PJs. We have Laura Miller, Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama to thank for the inspiration!

By Laura Musall

VEEP plum is the newest color in the CoolRevolution collections of sleepwear made of bamboo for women with night sweats

True story: The day of the presidential inauguration, the minute I saw Michelle Obama walk in, I texted some friends and said, “Michelle Obama’s outfit. Love.”

We bantered back and forth about who wore what. We noticed all the purple. CoolRevolution posted a photo of Vice President Kamala Harris in her purple pantsuit, and it only took a few minutes for one of our PJ-wearing fans to suggest purple as our next color.

Laura Miller, you were so right. We need purple PJs. Ironically, our fabric guy in Chicago, Jay Arbetman also saw that post. He was on the phone with me first thing the next morning.

“Purple samples are in the mail,” he said.

No, we couldn’t wait on the mail. Instead, we got the fabric mill on a Facetime call, so we could look at the various shades of purple we could choose from. It needed to be just right. It couldn’t look like a wad of the grape Bubblicious gum we all chewed back in the day. That’s not cool. Um, no, not the color purple my daughter painted her bedroom by herself when she was in seventh grade. That brings back nightmares. Our color purple needed to look as luxurious as they feel. We wanted a rich, jewel tone that would make all of us who wear it feel like we’re wrapped up in a cool towel after a hot day in the sun.

As Lori at the fabric mill held up a darker shade of purple, we knew, that was the one. Plum. But not just any plum, we’re calling this veep plum.

Here’s a fact I didn’t know until later. It was not by coincidence that so many woman, including First Lady Jill Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama wearing purple the week of the inauguration.

Purple represents unity. It’s the marriage of blue and red. We loved that idea, too.

If you want to believe the psychology of colors, wearing purple symbolizes royalty, grandeur,

VEEP plum is a deep purple that is as luxurious as the bamboo fabric these women's pajamas are made from. CoolRevolution PJs are the No. 1 choice for sleepwear for women with night sweats.

independence, wisdom, devotion and creativity. We’ll take that. Our hope is that you love our new veep plum pajama T-shirts and pajama pants (of course, with pockets), as much as we do.

It’s one more way we’re trying to help hot women stay cool (and stylish). Pre-order your veep plum PJs here.

Laura Musall is co-founder of CoolRevolution, who almost always wears black, until she discovered these purple pajamas. Read more about CoolRevolution's creators. 

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