These PJs aren’t just good in bed

 CoolRevolution’s sleepwear is moving out of the bedroom and keeping women cool all day!

It was from a lot of sweaty nights and dreams of cool PJs that inspired the creation of CoolRevolution. The CoolRevolution sleepwear collection was designed to help women sleep better and stay cooler when they are lounging at home.  Women tell us every day how they are sleeping better because of CoolRevolution PJs. We’re also hearing a lot of comments about these comfy, cooling bamboo PJs.

CoolRevolution PJs aren’t just good in bed!

Teal tank top is great for sleep and for business shown with white jeans and jean jacket

Not long after ordering her first pair of PJs, a woman in Zionsville, Ind. sent us an email telling us she loved her bamboo, sleep T-shirt so much, and it was so cute that she wore it shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York City. We heard from a woman in Las Vegas, who told us she discovered her nightshirt made the perfect coverup on her beach vacation. Another woman sent a text with her photo showing us she was wearing her sleep shorts at the grocery store, and another sent a photo wearing her mauve T-shirt to the office (she works for a financial advisor).

A trend was developing, and we liked what we were hearing. Truth be told, we were wearing our PJs to lots of places, too. The tank top is great to layer under jackets and cardigans. Because the fabric is breathable (unlike heat-trapping polyester), the tops are great for exercise, too. Women love wearing the T-shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts, too. You can dress it up, or dress it down.

Pajamas as daywear? Yes!

If you want to get the most out of your PJs, don’t be shy about wearing them out. For some design inspiration, we’ve created a few videos to show you how we’re wearing PJs day and night!

Teal tanks go from bed to business casual. A classic black T-shirt is a must-have. Red nightshirts  can be cool in bed and on the go. A black nightshirt  is comfy, casual and classy.

Cool designs.

CoolRevolution black T-shirt with jeans

We were tired of sleep tees that were shaped like a box with two cutouts for arms, or sleep tanks that were form fitting and tight allowing for no air movement. So, when we sat down at the dining room table (yes, that’s where we got our start), we decided we were going to create pajamas we wanted to live in. This was no easy feat considering we are two totally different sized 50-somethings.

CoolRevolution T-shirts  are designed with an actual shape. They are fitted around the shoulders and bust, but they are a little more forgiving around the waist. We did this, because we know from personal experience, that as women age, they tend to hold more weight around the middle. We also made our sleep T-shirts with sleeves that cover a bit more area than a typical T-shirt, giving women confidence wearing these tees with a pair of jeans or shorts.

CoolRevolution tank tops have a similar shape with arm openings that are roomy enough they won’t pinch, yet not so big that you show too much. Like the T-shirts, tanks are longer in the back to keep you covered, too.

CoolRevolution shorts  are long enough you won’t experience chaffing, if you decide to wear them on a long walk, plus, pockets are deep enough you can carry your mobile. The waistband was designed for ultimate comfort, too, and no drawstrings. We know we know when you’ve got to go, you don’t have time to fumble with an annoying tie.

CoolRevolution nightshirts  passed our “no tangle,” test in bed, plus, they are fitted at the top like our T-shirts and tanks, with a little bit of flow around the middle. Did we mention pockets?

CoolRevolution capris have a nice flowing leg, giving you plenty of air flow. Pair them with some cute sneakers, and your favorite tee, and you have a perfect outfit for the weekend.

We’d love to hear – better yet, see – how you’re finding ways to take your PJs from nightwear to daywear! Send your photos to, and we’ll enter you in a contest to win a gift certificate!

 Stay cool! 

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