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Why everyone needs to know about menopause, especially now

Menopause can be a frustrating, confusing time in a woman's life. There are hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog and so much more. One way to help calm some of the stress and anxiety surrounding menopause and perimenopause is to talk about. Now more than ever it's important to educate not just woman, but men and children about the change that happens to woman.

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Boudoir photography isn’t what you think – or maybe it is

What does a pajama company and a boudoir photographer have in common? Quite a lot, actually. Like CoolRevolution, Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography is working to help woman feel better about themselves. We do it through cooling, bamboo PJs and Cindy does it through the power of photography. Read more about Cindy and learn about boudoir photography.

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Forbes: 'Finally, Pajamas Made For Warm Bodies'

From Forbes contributor Judy Koutsky, who tried CoolRevolution PJs for her article: "Finally, Pajamas For Warm Bodies." CoolRevolution PJs come in shorts, pants, T-shirt and tank and are made from a blend of fabric, including bamboo, which is naturally cooling, wicks moisture, dries quickly and is naturally anti-bacterial. They also added a little cotton to keep the shape. Both the shorts and pants have pockets and the roomy fit is great not only for sleeping, but for lounging around the house. When the coronavirus pandemic began, people wanted to be comfortable, yet presentable on video chats. The CoolRevolution PJs are just that—they have the look of normal clothes, but the feel and comfort of pajamas.

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