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Yes, it really happened.

There are some things department stores and fashion designers (and a large part of the population) don’t take into consideration. Menopausal women can be irrational. They can be impulsive. They have a big vocabulary but aren’t afraid to use just four-letter words if you don’t seem to be understanding their point-of-view. (OK, that last one may just be me.)

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Night sweats lead to sleepwear for hot flashes

Today is the 1-year-anniversary of an idea to create sleepwear for women suffering from night sweats. It's also the day we're taking pre-orders for pajamas that we've been designing and perfecting over the last 365 days. Welcome to CoolRevolution, Sleepwear with Life's Changes in Mind.  This has been a personal journey. On March 12, 2018, I woke up after a frustrating night's sleep that was interrupted by chills, sweating and my husband's snoring. I did what most women would do, I complained in a text message to my best friends. 

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