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Oct. 18 is World Menopause Day, and we're celebrating

CoolRevolution is celebrating World Menopause Day on Oct. 18 at Books & Brews in Fishers, IN. Menopause expert Janet Carpenter of Indiana University School of Nursing will be answering your questions about menopause, perimenopause and hot flashes, Books & Brews will donate $1 off every beer purchase toward her exhibit Hot Flashes? Cool! You can also donate tampons and feminine hygiene items for women in need, drink Hop Flash beer and try on some cooling PJs.

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Yes, it really happened.

There are some things department stores and fashion designers (and a large part of the population) don’t take into consideration. Menopausal women can be irrational. They can be impulsive. They have a big vocabulary but aren’t afraid to use just four-letter words if you don’t seem to be understanding their point-of-view. (OK, that last one may just be me.)

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