Five tips to enjoy the holidays during a pandemic

Happy Holidays at Home

If you’re like us, your December calendar is pretty bare this year thanks to canceled holiday parties, gift exchanges, dinner with friends and family. Boredom has set in like no other time in recent memory. We could sit around and twiddle our thumbs, but we’re going to offer some tips that have helped us beat the boredom, create a semblance of a social life as well as do some good for those in need. 

Play online cards

Yes, we schedule Zoom happy hours and video lunches. But there’s only so much to talk about. Playing online cards with friends is a good way to socialize remotely while taking part in a fun activity. We like the free Trickster app (, this program has a video feature and options to play several different card games including euchre, spades and hearts, among others. 

Make and share holiday dinner and treats

Holiday cut-out cookies

Do you miss making a large holiday dinner? We do, too. Go ahead and make your feast or a counter full of holiday goodies, then pack up a basket and drop them off to family or friends. Surprise a co-worker with cookies or drop off a holiday treat to a homebound neighbor. You’ll enjoy making your holiday favorites and keeping food traditions alive, without over indulging or having leftovers for weeks.

Mail a card

It’s no secret that many people are lonely and depressed. A simple card can often make someone’s day. Mail a card to someone who is struggling or may be lonely. We have a friend who has a struggling family member in a nursing home. We recently sent her a card to brighten her day. And like a boomerang, it brightened our day, too! Not sure who to send it to? Send cards to residents at a nursing home, and staff there often are happy to distribute.

Get some fresh air and vitamin D

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We get tired of hearing it, too. It’s true though, fresh air and vitamin D do wonders for our physical and mental health.  Make a point each day go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Even a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air works wonders. Tired of walking around the block at home, walk around the block in another neighborhood, take a walk in a nearby park or trail.

Support local restaurants and businesses.

Tired of your own cooking, look to locally owned restaurants that offer curbside pick up or delivery. Restaurants are struggling right now, and while we’re not dining out (thanks, Covid), we are finding joy in being able to drive to a restaurant and picking up our favorite pizzas and entrees. Don’t forget to tip your waiters, chances are they are struggling now, too.

How are you beating boredom?

We'd love to hear how you're beating boredom and keeping holiday traditions alive, while also staying safe during the pandemic. 

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