Supply chain woes aren’t impacting American-made PJs

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We’ve heard the horror stories: products stuck in ports waiting to be unloaded and then shipped out. Products made far, far way. Christmas gifts not able to make it in time for the holidays, which is still more than a month away. Today, we are thankful for some early decisions, commitments and non-negotiables we made when creating our start-up business, CoolRevolution PJs for women with nights sweats.

We knew deep in our hearts that made in the U.S.A was the right decision to make in 2019, when we launched our company to help women going through menopause or perimenopause sleep cooler.

“You can get it cheaper if you have it made in China,” we were advised.

“But, we can’t drive to China,” we responded.

“Labor is cheaper,” the so-called experts said.

How could we possibly send a new product on the other side of the world where it’s not easy to pop in to see how things are going, to meet the seamstresses, to see the processes? Plus, how long would it take to get products from Asia to Indiana.

Those are the questions we asked in 2019, having no idea of what was to come. After all, this was pre-COVID-19. Let’s be honest, we were green, really green fashion designers back in 2019, when we started to interview sewing companies to find the right partner to make the coolest, most comfortable pajamas you’ll ever slip on.

“It’s going to cost you more?” industry experts whispered in our ears.

Cost is important. We have to think about cost, because we are a start-up company without deep pockets or outside investors. But, here is something we decided we would not sacrifice: Quality.

Through lots and lots of sweaty days and nights, we crafted a mission for CoolRevolution, which was to help women feel and look cooler. To do that, we needed the best fabric, the best design and the best partners. This is not a cookie-cutter business, we created it from the ground up from a dining room table where we sketched our dream PJs on scratch paper hoping our pattern maker just a few miles down the road, could work her magic.

In the same vein, we sought out the best fabric, not the cheapest. It’s why we interviewed seamstresses, not just the company owners. We toured factories in Chicago, asked questions and decided to make decisions that felt right, not that cost less.

So this holiday, we’re thankful we put our money on local partners to make our sleepwear one piece at a time. Yes, it costs more, but we’re reminded every day when we hear from our customers, that you really do get what you pay for. We paid for quality, and we hope you’re reaping the rewards with plenty of PJs to keep you and all the women on your holiday list sleeping and looking cool.

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