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Women's pajama pants with pockets in gray

Even a 7-year-old knows the value of a good pocket. We love the story of Kamryn Gardner, a first-grader from Arkansas, who wrote to Old Navy telling them she didn't like the fake front pockets on the jeans she had. Pants, she said in her letter, need to have pockets big enough to put your hands and other stuff in them, too. 

We couldn't agree more. And little Kamryn's letter made us think back to the time when we gathered a group of women together to talk about pajamas. And, while there were all kinds of suggestions, the one thing every single woman in the room agreed on was the value of pockets in PJs. And, not just skimpy pockets, but pockets deep enough you can hold your mobile phone, or as Kamryn Garnder says, "other stuff" in them. 

We know it costs more to include pockets. It's a little more fabric, and it takes more time. We also know, women are worth it. So, we decided on that day, that all of our pajamas would have pockets. It began with our shorts and pants. 

CoolRevolution women's twilight blue pajamas with pockets for women with night sweats

You may think adding a pocket is a simple thing, but it's actually not. We needed to decide where to place the pockets, and whether we were going to have side pockets in the seam or front pockets. We also wanted pockets that were deep, but not so deep that if you put your phone in the pocket it dragged to your knees.

So, we conducted pocket tests. Is this a real thing in the fashion industry? We have no idea, but when we designed CoolRevolution, we decided we weren't going to follow a rule book that didn't make sense. 

When we had our first pajama samples, we tested not only how comfortable they were, but also, we put phones in the pockets, and we moved around. We sat on the sofa, to make sure the phones didn't slide out. We walked up and down the stairs, and did the kinds of things women do when they put on their PJs at the end of the day. 

That's the story how our pockets were created. You can rest assured, you'll find deep (but not too deep) pockets in our PJs pants, shorts, capris and even nightshirts. 

We love hearing from you, too, telling us how you love CoolRevolution PJs and all our pockets!

Jennifer had this to say: “Great fit.... And pockets - are you kidding me?! Many thanks!” 

"The bottoms have deep enough pockets where I can place my cell phone. I love these PJ'S!" wrote Emily. 

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