No fat shaming at this women's pajama shop

Plus size isn’t a thing at CoolRevolution

CoolRevolution founder Laura Musall writes about plus-size clothing and fat-shaming in the fashion industryHere’s one thing you’ll never see on the CoolRevolution website: “Plus size,” or “extended sizes.” You know what else you won’t see? Additional costs for larger sizes. So, whether you wear an XS or a 3X, you’ll pay the same price, you’ll click on the same shopping buttons to find your clothes, and every style will come in a range of sizes.
Frankly, I’ve had it up to my double chin with fat shaming women.

The fashion industry has long been really good at telling those of us who wear a 16 or larger that we’re not worthy. It’s commonplace for stores to stash away the “fat girl” clothes in a corner or by the petite section. It’s a silent message to those of us who aren’t a 2 to 14, to say, you’re not normal. I’ve heard this silent message my whole life: fat girls in the back, please, we can’t have you near the entrance of our store browsing. Oh, and you’ll also get to pay more for your clothes. Also, if you wear one of these “plus sizes,” you get a limited selection, too. 

The argument: It takes more fabric to make a 3X than a small, so those who wear larger sizes should pay more. If that were the case, then shouldn’t those who wear an XS pay less than a medium or large? Should we price clothing by the pound, like we do produce?

Why is it that brands think it’s OK to charge more for a 3X t-shirt, yet size 12 shoes cost the same as a size 5?

The ugly truth about the women’s fashion industry has been that clothing is designed for thin people.

In my earliest recollection of shopping, my mom would take me and my younger sister shopping at the Sears department store. We would shop in one area for my much thinner sister and then we’d have to head over to the “husky” section to look at clothing for me. From an early age, we tell kids that size matters.

When Mindy and I began CoolRevolution, one “expert,” told us that the way you design clothing is to hire a size 2 fit model. Then, you have a pattern maker “grade” the sizes up from there. Mindy and I burst out laughing.

Woman wearing CoolRevolution sleep pants and Tshirt in twilight blue

That’s ludicrous. No offense to our size 2 friends, but a size 2 is not the norm. In fact, the norm is a size 14 and over. Nearly 70 percent of women in the US wear a size 14 or larger. We made the radical decision to go big. In fact, we decided it would be possible to design clothing that would fit a medium like Mindy and a size 2X like me.

Here’s the thing: There is no perfect size. You are who you are, and our goal has always been to design sleepwear that’s cool that looks good on all kinds of body types. As our company continues to grow, we’ll offer more sizes. I will make you this promise: Never, will we put a section on our website that tells women of any size that she has to click on a special “plus size” area of our online store to find her size. We’re all created equal, and you’ll find all our styles in all our sizes right here.

You'll find your favorite cooling pajamas, all right here

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