Helping Family Promise end period poverty one tampon at a time

Never heard of period poverty? Count yourself lucky. Because, all over the country, low-income girls and women are suffering through their periods without tampons or pads. Imagine having to figure out how to get through a work day or school day without any supplies. Girls are rushing to the school bathroom using swaths of toilet paper. Or, they aren’t going to school at all knowing there’s little they can do to stop the bleeding and preventing breakthroughs. 

It’s embarrassing for them. It’s heart-wrenching for those of us who think we can do better.

Friday is World Menopause Day, and CoolRevolution wants to do something to help. We’ve teamed up with Family Promise of Hamilton County, an Affiliate of Family Promise, a national organization which helps  homeless and low-income families with children get back on their feet. Women who have hit menopause no longer need tampons or maxi pads, so we’re asking you to donate any you still have lingering around. And, we’re asking women everywhere to consider buying an extra box of tampons or pads to give to women in need. 

Family Promise's mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based support. They work with local interfaith congregations to help with shelter and food and work with families to create a plan to help them achieve financial stability. Family Promise’s goal is for Affiliates to work collectively to change the future for 1 million children by 2030.

Family Promise was founded in 1986, in New Jersey, and began expanding nationally two years later known as Interfaith Hospitality Network. Today there are more than 200 Family Promise Affiliates in 43 states. One of the newest is in our backyard – Family Promise of Hamilton County, which offers shelter and is helping families get back on their feet and in their own homes. 

Like most nonprofits, Family Promise of Hamilton County relies on community support. While people are generous in donating money, food for the pantries, clothing and furnishings to help families become independent, few people think about donating feminine hygiene products, yet they are so needed. Tampons and maxi pads are expensive, and so many low-income women just don’t have the means to buy them. 

On World Menopause Day on Oct. 18, we’re partnering with Family Promise of Hamilton County to collect feminine hygiene supplies (learn more about the event). If you live in or around Indianapolis, you can drop off supplies to Books & Brews, 9402 Uptown Dr., Indianapolis from 11 a.m. to midnight.  If you are not local, you can also donate to a facility near you (click here to see a map). Or, donate to any local shelter. Every tampon really can make a difference for women in need. 

For more information on Family Promise visit www.familypromise.orgFor more information on Family Promise of Hamilton County visit 

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