Celebrating Earth Day in our PJs

Gray bamboo PJs for women with night sweats.

Happy Earth Day! We are celebrating by wrapping ourselves in breathable, naturally cooling PJs. Yes, that means we’re wearing sleepwear all day, and loving that it feels great and is good for Mother Earth, too!

Here’s the scoop on why CoolRevolution's fabric is the perfect  for pajamas, especially for those of us dealing with night sweats.

The fabric begins with pulp from a bamboo plant, which grows really fast, as much as four feet a day. Here's what we love about bamboo:

  • It’s eco-friendly, because it requires no pesticides or fertilizers and needs little water. 
  • Bamboo has a really deep root system, so when it’s harvested, it’s not destroying the soil. It does no more damage than mowing your lawn.
  • Scientists say that bamboo absorbs at least double – some say as much as six times – as much carbon as a similar size tree. 
Bamboo stalks show an example of what is used to make CoolRevolution PJs

There are different ways to turn the bamboo stalk into fabric. When we began the search for the best fabric for soft, moisture-wicking pajamas, we also wanted to make sure the manufacturer was environmentally conscious.

The dyeing process

Dyes used to give our material great colors are low impact, fiber reactive dyes, which don’t have heavy metals like traditional synthetic dyes. The dyeing cycle is also shorter than tradition processes, which means less water, salt and chemicals are needed.

So how do you know if the garments you’re wearing use this process? It’s quite simple. They will show that the product is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®️. Only products with this label test for harmful substances.

Buttery soft

Women who wear CoolRevolution PJs often tell us that the fabric feels buttery soft. It's naturally smoother than a lot of other fabric. The fibers don’t have sharp spurs, which can irritate the skin, so it doesn’t cause allergic reactions such as wool or hemp.

CoolRevolution fabric keeps you cooler in the heat; warmer in the cold

This is getting really technical, but we wanted to dig in to understand how this fiber can keep PJ wearers cooler. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation. As a result, it is able to keep the wearer almost two degrees cooler in the heat and noticeably warmer in the cold. 

Being environmental conscious

CoolRevolution's fabric is made in a factory that conserves as much energy as possible, including using all natural lights and generating power from solar panels in the parking lots. You can see inside the factory on this video.

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