A sweaty anniversary: Remembering first bout of night sweats

Laura Musall is co-founder of CoolRevolution PJs for women with night sweats

Some people are good at remembering anniversaries: Wedding anniversaries, the anniversary of a first date, a first kiss, a first house. I remember the anniversary of my first night sweats! It’s etched in my mind so vividly I can almost still feel the sweat drizzle down both sides of my face and race down my chest.

Like most women, I suspect, I thought I might be getting ill. Did I have a fever? No. Yet, my pajamas stuck to me like Saran wrap. I hadn’t sweated that hard since I flipped tractor tires in a parking lot under the blazing sun for a boot camp class. That was a one-time deal. This night sweat issue, I feared, was not a one-time situation. This, I realized, was perimenopause and the dreaded night sweats I’d heard about.

Until this day three years ago, I was happily sleeping in fleece, flannel and polyester. Sometimes I even added thick socks on cold, winter nights. Those days are long gone.  

The best thing that happened on that hot night three years ago, was that I started to complain to my friends, and we bantered via text about menopause and hot flashes. We complained. And, then one thing led to another, and the idea of pajamas for night sweats emerged, and my friend Mindy said she wanted to work for a PJ for night sweats company.

As we reflect on this anniversary of sweating, I invite you to reminisce with me. Check out the story of the beginnings of CoolRevolution.

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