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"I love my CoolRevolution PJ's! I especially like the longer backside of the tops and the pockets in the bottoms! Very wearable and stylish for bed, lounging or even out and about." – Kelly

"My wife cannot live without these jammy pants! Waiting on the grey ones to arrive and surprise her." – Matt

"CoolRevolution PJs are the most comfortable PJs I've found. They help keep me cool at night and are silky smooth on my skin. I have never slept better!" – Angela

"Even if you’re not suffering from hot flashes but live in a hot muggy climate like south Louisiana, these pjs are AMAZING! I was skeptical as I’ve tried other brands, but these really work! It’s like stepping into a cool breeze when you put them on — I don’t know how they do it! Fast shipping, just try them!" – Donna

"These pajamas are super soft and comfortable! I wear them around my house all day long." – Jesika

"The CoolRevolution pants are AMAZING. So soft. So cooling. Just got a second pair and need a third--cannot return to "normal" pajamas! You won't be disappointed!! LOVE."  – Kristi

"LOVE my pjs! So comfy and honestly, I can wear them at home - or to the grocery store! They are designed so no one would know you're in your pjs. All the while I'm cool and comfortable. The packaging is great, the service is great, the pjs are amazing. 5 stars!" – Becky

"I’ve always been a hot sleeper, and these are the BEST pjs I’ve ever had. They are so comfortable, I wear them all the time." – Shelby

"These pajamas wear light and airy and, oh, so comfortable!" – Mary Catherine

“Your PJs are a bizzillions times better than every other PJ in the world!!” – Mary

 "I love them! They are so soft that I do not want to take them off. I look forward to putting them on and just relax from a busy day. I saw information about your company in a lady's magazine, and I just had to try them. I have been going through night sweats, and waking up feeling like a truck ran over me. When I saw your article in the magazine I told one of my coworkers who is also going through the same thing. I ordered my first pair of PJs and upon receiving them I ordered 3 more sets. They fit nicely, although I am only 5' so they are a little long, I just pull them up higher. So if you could make a petite size that would be great. Also, a white shirt would be nice, I would wear it out as a regular shirt. Night shirt would be nice. As for my coworker, she also bought a set of your PJs. I am going to purchase some for my mother for Mother's Day, I know she will love them too." – Rachel

"I have slept better since I have started wearing your PJs. I feel between your PJs and my Posturepedic mattress I have gotten more rest then I have in the past few months. Thank you for your wonderful product, now if you could just make an office clothing line that would be awesome!"
"LOVE THIS PRODUCT! These PJ's are the COOLEST! I no longer lay awake too hot to sleep. I love the soft fabric, long tail in the back, and they are made in the USA. I will be buying more in different colors. They are the perfect way to STAY COOL!" – Sandy

"COOL PRODUCT! These PJ's are the perfect way to STAY COOL! I used to lay awake at night too hot to sleep. Not anymore. These PJ's are the COOLEST!"  Sandy

"Just put on my first Cool Revolution pajamas while in Covid 19 quarantine. I love them so much I just ordered one in each color. My new stay at home work uniform. Comfortable and amazing material against your skin. Highly recommend!!!" – Cheryl
"To be honest, the only problem with your pajamas is that I do not want to ever take them off.  I want to live in them!!" – Mary
"I just ordered my second shirt. I was skeptical about this shirt helping with night sweats but I was desperate to try something. I’m so glad I did – this shirt really does make a huge difference! I slept through the night the first time I wore it. Night sweats didn’t wake me up. I’m a believer and a loyal customer!" – Judi
"I wore it to bed last night and could tell a NOTICABLE difference in my coolness and comfort level, and felt this morning like I had gotten a better night's sleep." – Beth

"You are Wonderful! Thanks mega bazillions for your sustained superior performance CoolRevolution pajamas. They are a huge blessing to women all over the world who try to endure night sweats - you ensured no more night sweats. What a monumental blessing to all women. I cannot thank you enough for all your excellent dedication. I am extremely vocal to every woman I see about CoolRevolution and the pleasure of sleeping all night without night sweats. This is your special miracle that you are sharing with all of us." – Mary

"What a great product! I can finally sleep!" – Sandi

"I do find your PJs nice and cool and they do wick away the moisture like advertised. They are nice quality, fit well and do feel cooling. I think a long sleeve shirt tshirt would be nice. The fabric only cools the skin it is touching. No help for my sweaty face. ;)" – Jennifer

"I just bought my second pair. These are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are perfect if you have night sweats. You don’t end up being soaking wet. I’m sure I’ll buy again." – Sharon

"I got my Cool PJ shirt yesterday. It was so COOL when I got it out of the package and then put it on it was cooler. I LOVE my PJS." – Christina

"Thank you for being truly interested in customer feedback. Very refreshing!  I should note I love how the pants are not super long. I am only 5' 5" and sweatpants are usually way too long when they fit my waist. The large fit a short size 12 perfectly. Bonus!" – Jennifer

"I learned of your product about a year ago. Fast forward - I now own pants in all 3 colors, tops in all 3 colors and shorts in one color (I will be buying other colors of shorts In the future!). The fabric is luxurious!!  I love the pockets in the pants & shorts. The set washes well & since I don’t dry them I have a set ready to wear right  a way. These have become my only pjs!! Thank you for creating these pajamas!!!" – Janice

 "I gave my cousin, Nancy, a pair of your pjs at a Cousins Party here in Florida and WOW were they a hit!!!" – Jane

"Tried mine & love them!!! Can barely get me out of them!! ❤️"  Kelly

"I was diagnosed with cancer last year and the chemo and stem cell transplant put my body into early menopause. I’ve had hot flashes ever since. They are especially bad at night. I tried these pajamas and they are magical! When I feel a hot flash coming on, I can feel the fabric activate to counteract. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m sure glad you do! Thank you so much!" – Sarah

"They are soo soft. Soo comfy. And soo very Cool! As the gift-giving season approaches, consider these pjs for the women in your life. They are a treat no matter what your age. They definitely have a timeless look." – Elizabeth

"These pj's really do reduce the icky feeling of wet pajamas that happen when I have occasional nightsweats. They wick away moisture, are super soft, and stylish enough that I have worn my tank out as a shirt. The bottoms have deep enough pockets where I can place my cell phone. I love these PJ'S!!"  Emily

"These PJs are perfect. I love the pant leg width. I've worn the T-shirt out of the house as black tee. The fabric is substantial without feeling thick. It moves well across the body. It really does cool. And it feels so good against the skin. Really a perfect weight of fabric. It feels well-made yet not heavy.” – Mary

"These pjs truly are soo comfy, soo soft and soo very cool! Love them!" Liz

Awesome Fit. The material feels great!” –  Holly

Sleep changing! I bought the t and the shirts...first of all they are so comfy that I just wear them around the house!! I get off and on night sweats that would have me changing my sleep shirt in the middle of the night. Have not had that once since wearing my CoolRevolution top!!! Love them.” – Stacy

Amazing! ❤️ OMG, I LOVE THESE PJS ❤️” – Kelly

Great fit. I bought the PJs for the fabric, but then fell in love with the fit. It's so hard to find something cool enough for sleeping, yet modest enough for sitting around the house in, but these do it! And pockets - are you kidding me?! Many thanks!” – Jennifer

Freaking amazing! I adore these sleep shorts! They're super comfortable, look good and did I mention pockets?? I'll be ordering another pair because I don't want to sleep in anything else!” – Wendy

l love my new pajama bottoms! It is awesome that they have pockets too! Now that it is getting warmer, I am going to order some shorts. Love the fabric too!” – Laura

These are the most comfortable jammies I have ever owned, so soft and great for lounging as well as sleeping.” – Lynn

I love how soft and stretchy these PJs are. I am all about comfort and softness, so I'm picky. These are great. I do love me some pockets too. The waistband is wide and stretchy, but not too stretchy. Having said that, I may go a size bigger when I order my shorts for summer because I like a lot of roominess. :-)” – Jen

They’re like buttah….love them.” – Leslie

It really works! Thank you for an awesome product that delivers as advertised! The Tee is so comfortable I want to wear it all the time. Definitely felt the cooling effect as I actually slept with the covers on for a change. How about some additional color selections? Very pleased. Already bought one for a friend.” –  Toni

The first thing I notice was the quality of the fabric! I was impressed that the fabric did not hold in your body heat at all! Which in turn kept me cool and helped me get a good night rest.” –  Shari

My favorite clothes! I bought the T-shirt, shorts and pants. I could live in these all the time. Amazingly soft, cool and comfortable. They fit so well and I could go on and on about the pockets. Much more than pjs!” – Debbie

So happy! As many of you, I’m at that age when I find my own “personal summer” in the middle of the night. Before Cool Revolution, my violent reaction was to strip down at 2a.m.! Then comes the chills, and, you know what I mean.... No longer! The lightweight bamboo material of Cool Revolution pjs keep me cool for the hot times and warmer for the cool ones. Thanks for a great product! – Bev

"Love these!! The shirt and shorts are both so soft and comfortable!! Love having pockets in the shorts too!!” – Joni

New Favorite PJs! It only took 1 night of wearing my new PJ's for them to quickly become my favorite! Amazingly soft material that is so comfortable to wear, let alone sleep in! Best sleep in a long time and haven't woke up once from being too hot! Love, love, love them 🙂” – Wendy

This product is amazing!!! I’ve been a Victoria secret girl forever and these pjs are sooo incredibly comfortable!!!! I love them!!” – Jena

I love this pajama shirt! Feels great and it keeps me cool at night! While the shirt was in the laundry, I wore an old pair of pajamas. NOT the same at all! Woke up wet from a night sweat. Gross! I will be wearing this one again tonight!” – Laura

Perfect. These are the most comfortable jammies I have ever owned, so soft and great for lounging as well as sleeping. I will wear the top with shorts or jeans for casual wear too. Love it.” – Lynn

The perfect weight. I love that the fabric is heavier enough that I feel comfortable not wearing a bra under it around the house. Having said that, it's not so heavy that it makes me hot. The cut is great too. I love the long tail, and the V-neck is not to low cut but it doesn't choke me either.” – Jen

Comfy. I love the PJs. And was pleasantly surprised by the pockets in the shorts...:) They are extremely comfortable, soft and just perfect for summer. And, I feel like if someone came to my door when I had my PJs on (I get into my PJs very early in the evening) they would never know I am ready for bed. They are that stylish!” – Laura

"Happy Customer. The top really helps! Even when I still get warm the top breathes so that I don’t sweat! Therefore, I get back to sleep quicker!” – Paula

"I’m super picky, but I’m a fan! Can I wear these all day long?” – Sherri

Finally! I started experiencing occasional night-sweats in my late 30s and have tried several different types of sleepwear, including Soma's cooling sleep shirts, but nothing really passed my personal preference test of comfort and capability to keep me cool. I ordered the tank version of Cool Revolution and loved it the minute I put it on. It is soft, natural, and flows freely with my body movement. I love the length and the fact that it is youthful looking but does the job for a woman looking for combat wear during night sweats. Great product, ladies! I finally found my nightie! Thank you!” – Emily

I absolutely LOVE the tank and shorts. They are so comfortable and fit great. I can’t wait for the product line to expand.” – Laura

"Perfect Fit. The material feels great both for sleeping, lounging or working out. No more sweating!” – Holly

“I received my CoolRevolution PJs this week, and they are awesome! So comfy. Can’t wait until more colors are available.” – Mimi

Most comfortable things ever! Just had surgery and chest is very sore! You must get!!! I will be living in them! They make you feel cute when wearing them so when people stop by I am comfortable yet look stylish and not like “normal pjs!” I will be ordering another color as well!” – Denia

Very comfortable, soft pjs with a flattering cut that looks great even when lounging around the house. I bought the shorts and tee in medium and even at 5'9" tall the length is great.” – Karen

Very comfortable, soft and good fit. I may wear them as much for lounging as sleeping. Wouldn’t mind if someone dropped by if I was wearing them. They look great.” – Lynn

I adore my new CoolRevolution jammies! They wash beautifully (don’t use fabric softener and hang to dry) and actually ARE cooler.  I’m anxiously awaiting new colors and styles ” – Patricia

“My pants and T arrived today. I'm super picky about soft fabric, and I am not disappointed! The PJs are soft, stretchy and super comfy. I'm 5'3 and the pants are fine without needing hemmed.” – Jen

“Just wore the shirt for the first time. If I had a hot flash, I don't know about it. I slept through the night for the first time since I don't know when.” – Lisa

“Go get your cool on with these great new pajamas.” – Kyrs

“Does what it says , awesome t-shirt. I have bought 2 of them.” – Stephanie

 "Awesome product! Comfortable fit, performs as advertised!! Thank you!! I found these to be true to my size. The shape is perfect, love the length and since they’re stretchy, there’s plenty of give!” – Inot

“I packed my CoolRevolution PJs for my girls trip to NYC. (Yes, I bought my sister a matching pair). On my first morning in Manhattan, I was too tired to change out of my PJs before some early morning shopping on 5th Avenue. I pulled on my jeans and wore my V-neck CoolRevolution top. So stylish and comfy. And so 5th Ave appropriate.Laura

“I used to wake up with puddles of water between my boobs, and totally damp sleepwear. it was so awful. I wish these had been around 15 years ago. If these work, they should expand into other types of clothing! Good luck, ladies!” – Patsy

These are really the best pjs ever!!!! Comfortable alllllll day and night.” – Jena




  • Linda Boepple

    Bought a pair for my 18 yr old daughter who has POTS, a medical condition with one of the effects being the inability to regulate the body temperature. She was tired of waking up feeling soaked from sweat. She loved them so much that I bought her a second pair. She loves them.

  • Judi

    I just ordered my second shirt. I was skeptical about this shirt helping with night sweats but I was desperate to try something. I’m so glad I did – this shirt really does make a huge difference! I slept through the night the first time I wore it. Night sweats didn’t wake me up. I’m a believer and a loyal customer!

  • Michelle

    Job well done on the design and comfort of these PJs! They are my new go-to pair and will be traveling with me next week. I love the deep saturated color of the twilight blue and will definitely be ordering the ginger soon. Thank you for doing a tee & tank … I like to have both along with the pants to wear all year round. A girl needs options!

  • Debra Bailey

    Bought the V-neck short sleeve top and long pants in Black. I usually wear a 2X but wish I had gotten these in a 3X. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the PJs are worth the $100 price I paid for them. I still felt the same way I felt in my 100% (less expensive) cotton PJs when I had one of my night hot flashes! Bummer!

  • Liz Maci

    These pjs truly are soo comfy, soo soft and soo very cool! Love them!

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