"I love hearing from women who tell us that they have never slept better," says Laura Musall in Fishers Towne Post article

Towne Post magazine writer Julie Yates features how two Indiana women going through perimenopause started a pajama company to help hot sleepers. 

Fishers Towne Post features CoolRevolution PJs for women with night sweats

“I was in perimenopause and I started to have night sweats,” she says. “I commiserated with friends that I couldnt imagine going through this for the next 10 years. We all thought that there had to be some pajamas on the market for this, but no one could find anything. One friend remembered buying cooling pajamas for her husband, but everything for women seemed to be made out of polyester, which traps heat and came in limited sizes.”

There were tons of things to lift you or conceal you, but nothing to cool you, so Mindy and I decided to design and sell cooling pajamas,” Musall continues. 

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