Fashion for a Purpose features CoolRevolution PJs

New York writer and editor Tamara Star writes about CoolRevolution PJs for "Fashion for a Purpose." An expert of the article is below. You can read the entire article here

CoolRevolution Wants to Help Those Suffering from Hot Flashes and Other Heat-Related Medical Issues

CoolRevolution PJs started in 2019, and it wasn’t inspired by fashion initially- sweat and discomfort inspired the founders to get into fashion.

“If you would have said to me five years ago that I would one day create a sleepwear line, I would have told you, ‘Not in a million years.’ But then perimenopause hit, and with it came horrible night sweats. Not just a little perspiration but pooling, dripping sweat that woke me up in the middle of the night,” Co-founder Laura Musall said. “After one night of this, I sent a text to girlfriends complaining about night sweats and hot flashes and getting older (I was in my early 50s). I then went on a search for pajamas to help. I found lots of heat-trapping polyester or granny jammies I had no interest in wearing or cute pajamas made of natural fibers that went up to a size large (I am a 2x).”

That is when her friends suggested that she should start a pajama company. Just one month later, Musall and her friend Mindy Ford began their journey to learn about the fashion industry.

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