COOLREVOLUTION PJs featured at NEW YORK the Strategist

CoolRevolution makes its pajamas from quick-drying bamboo rayon (mixed with cotton and spandex) that wicks away moisture. My favorite part of the set was the V-neck top that could legitimately be worn outside the house as a regular T-shirt, thanks to a shirttail hem and how the shirt dips lower on the back for more coverage. I’d like to try it out on a hot summer day to see how it compares to a regular cotton t-shirt. Although they’re fine for lounging, the shorts didn’t excite me. With a 7-inch inseam, they’re quite long and are best if you’re looking for a more conservative cut. The big pockets were nice, though, and they felt soft and stretchy. CoolRevolution is open about designing pieces for “aging bodies” and women going through menopause, which explains the shorts, but if you like the pieces and are looking for something that’ll keep you cool, they could work for any age group. CoolRevolution also offers the widest range of sizes, with pajamas that go up to 3XL.

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