Is a photo boudoir shoot outside your comfort zone?

Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography sessionGood, that’s exactly when Cindy Johnson says the magic happens.So, why do people want a boudoir shoot, and how does it work? Those are questions we wanted to know. Not surprisingly, most clients are women, who sign up for a photo shoot to give to someone as a gift. Some people just want to do a photo shoot to help boost their self-esteem and have no intentions of printing the images. Often, people decide to sign up for boudoir photography, because of a milestone in their life. She photographs lots of brides, pregnant women, or women in transition, whether it’s just having a baby, going through divorce or becoming  empty-nesters. Read more about Cindy here. 

“I get a lot of empty-nesters who are figuring out who they are now,” she said. “People who say they want to reclaim my body and sexuality and feel good about themselves.”

So, how does it work? Photo sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes. Bring whatever it is you want to wear, or a selection of things, and Cindy will help you choose. If you’re having a session in the buff or barely nude, it’s like a massage, Cindy will leave you alone to change or take it off, then come back in, put on some music, and start shooting.

“It’s like throwing them in the deep end of the pool, and in a minute, they are comfortable,” Cindy says.

A lot of women who have had sessions come back with their significant others for a couple’s session. Cindy and Tyler started couple’s getaways a few years ago, which are growing in popularity. They rent a catamaran on the Virgin Islands with a captain and private chef, and five couples sail together, have photo shoots and go on excursions. The next one is in February. In the fall, Cindy also started a women’s trip, also to the Virgin Islands. Last fall nine women, with Cindy as their guide, set sail around the islands. Only two of the women knew each other, the others were total strangers.

“It’s super brave, going on a boat with a bunch of women you don’t know,” Cindy said. You can find out more here.

Being brave, setting outside your comfort zone, that’s what Cindy is hoping women will do when they decide to let her capture their true beauty, the way the world sees them, raw, unfiltered beauty.