PJs for night sweats

"Best sleep ever."


CoolRevolution™ pajamas are designed to help women with night sweats get a more comfortable night’s sleep. The naturally cooling, silky, soft fabric wicks away sweat, and dries quickly to help improve your sleep. See why women love CoolRevolution™ PJs.

Loungewear for women with night sweats. Made in the U.S. of naturally cooling, moisture-wicking bamboo. Model is wearing black tank, sleep pants with pockets and long gray cardigan.
Our quest for better, more comfortable sleepwear
We researched fabrics, consulted medical professionals and textile experts.
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CoolRevolution pajama pants with pockets and T-shirt in red for women with night sweats
Cool PJs for hot sleepers
Soft and luxurious, CoolRevolution sleepwear is naturally cooling and absorbs and wicks away moisture for a better night's sleep.
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CoolRevolution™ was created to help women who are hot sleepers and have night sweats get a cooler night's sleep. The solution is in the design and in the fabric. CoolRevolution PJs are made of sustainable, bamboo fabric. Because it's a natural fiber, it doesn't trap heat like most polyester and synthetic fabrics. Bamboo is naturally cooling, moisture-wicking and antibacterial. CoolRevolution™ pajamas are designed to help women going through menopause and perimenopause not only sleep better, but also feel better. Women love how the sleep T-shirts and tank tops are longer in the back than the front to keep everything covered. The bamboo sleep pants, shorts, capris and nightshirts all have pockets. They are the perfect for solution for women with night sweats. These quickly will become your favorite loungewear and sleepwear.

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Cooling PJs For Hot Flashes

Women want, and deserve, pajamas that are created for aging bodies.


Great design and fabric-- it drapes nicely, isn't too thin, and doesn't seem to absorb sweat the way cotton does. The design is thoughtful, and the color--I got the teal--is beautiful.


Even if you’re not suffering from hot flashes but live in a hot muggy climate like south Louisiana, these pjs are AMAZING! I was skeptical as I’ve tried other brands, but these really work! It’s like stepping into a cool breeze when you put them on — I don’t know how they do it! Fast shipping, just try them!


CoolRevolution PJs are the most comfortable PJs I've found. They help keep me cool at night and are silky smooth on my skin. I have never slept better!